I know that anxiety is very uncomfortable and disruptive to your life.  If you’re looking for help with feeling more relaxed and in control of yourself and your life, I can help you find the way. 

Anxiety can range from nervousness and worry to panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behavior, phobias or posttraumatic stress reactions.  Whatever the degree of anxiety, there is usually a sense of apprehension about possible danger. When we feel “anxious”, sometimes we know what’s triggering the feeling and sometimes it’s very confusing because there doesn’t seem to be any major stress in our lives.  I know what it can be like to feel anxious and not know why or how to deal with it.  I also know that it is very helpful to understand what triggers your anxiety and then learn how to manage it.  It’s about looking at and changing the thoughts and irrational beliefs that lead to those uncomfortable and awful anxious feelings.  Then, making behavioral changes and learning some relaxation techniques. 




If you are looking for help with depression, I want you to know that I can help you and there is hope for this very burdensome mood disorder. Most of us have gone through sad, dark and discouraging times in our lives.  If you have been feeling sad, empty, and worthless, for quite a while and have lost interest in your daily activities, are having trouble with sleeping and/or eating, have low energy, thoughts of death, poor concentration or irritability, it is time to address this and start feeling better.  The symptoms and reasons for depression can vary a great deal.  I can help you with understanding your depression and finding tools to cope with it so that you can live a much more fulfilling life! 



Relationship Issues

Whether you are going through a painful break-up, have struggled with finding a life partner, have communication problems with your partner (fighting and withdrawing), infidelity or sexual issues, I can help you individually or as a couple to understand the relationship dynamics, what you bring from your past into the relationship, and help you learn how to have and keep a healthy relationship.  If you are ready to make lasting changes to the way you relate in romantic relationships, you are on your way to having the satisfaction of intimacy and connection we all seek.




I know that separating and divorcing is very painful whether you are initiating it, resisting it or in agreement about needing to do it.  It is usually a time of making a major adjustment, coping with a deep sense of loss, worries, difficult decisions about custody and/or property, and also questions about your identity and your future.  Perhaps you’re confused about why your marriage is ending.  Understanding what the problems were is very important, especially when it comes to trying to develop a healthy and lasting relationship with someone new.  If you are facing this painful process, or having difficulty moving on with your life following a divorce, I can assist you by helping you to sort through the issues, decisions and emotions, as well as create a vision of your new life and help you to step into it.  There is always hope for living a fulfilling life.  I can help you find that hope and create that life!




Surviving infidelity is very difficult.  When it comes to the devastation of betrayal, the emotional pain is hard to describe.  Whether you are trying to recover from an affair as a couple or leaving a relationship because of an affair, I can help you to cope with the complicated feelings and trust issues. I can guide you toward healing and rebuilding either as a couple or as a single person who needs to move forward in a new direction.

If you have been cheated on, I know that your sense of trust and self-esteem are badly damaged.  If you have cheated on your partner, I know that feelings of guilt, shame and fear of losing your partner can be overwhelming. 

For couples, recovering from infidelity takes a great deal of commitment and involves working together to re-build trust, having very open and honest communication, expressing feelings, taking responsibility for the choices that were made and finding out what triggered the affair.  Some of the couples I have helped have been able to develop a stronger, more connected relationship following an affair.  Although there was a very painful breakdown of the relationship when the affair became known, the breakthrough was the open communication and understanding of the relationship dynamics.  This led to making important changes and closeness that they had never experienced together.

Perhaps you have decided to leave your marriage or relationship because of an affair or multiple affairs.  Making this decision is usually very painful and difficult.  If you’re wondering if you’re making the right decision for yourself, and perhaps your family, or you’re wondering if there’s any hope for your relationship, I can help you gain the clarity you need to move forward in the best direction. 



Grief and Loss

There are so many types of loss – deaths, endings to relationships, to jobs, to roles (such as when a child grows up and parenting roles change), loss of health, and loss of dreams that haven’t been fulfilled and the list goes on. Grief is a normal, healthy reaction to loss.  When grieving a loss, I know that feeling empty, deep sadness, anger, disbelief and hopelessness are common and can be overwhelming.  I have experienced very painful losses.  At times, I wondered if I would ever feel any joy again.  It can be a very dark time when we lose someone or something that is very very important to us.  I know about grief and I know about recovering from losses.  Support is a powerful part of moving through, and not staying stuck in, the grief process.   I can help you to work through the waves of emotion and come to a place of acceptance about what’s happened in your life.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you like what happened, it just means you accept it and it is no longer so very painful.  There is definitely life after loss.




If you have experienced trauma, then you know how overwhelming and difficult it can be to try to recover.  You may also know that trying to heal on your own is too big of a job to take on yourself.  Maybe you’ve tried to ignore the effect the trauma has had on you, yet you know this isn’t working.  For those who’ve been through something traumatic, help with recovery, in the form of a safe and compassionate guide to healing, is essential.

Many people don’t know what psychological trauma is.  It occurs when there’s damage to the psyche as a result of a traumatic event. Sometimes, trauma leads to posttraumatic stress disorder, which alters one’s ability to adequately cope with stress.  A traumatic event involves an experience (or an enduring/repeating events) that completely overwhelm one's ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved with that experience.

The reactions to trauma can be wide and varied, and differ in severity from person to person.  After a traumatic experience, some people re-experience the trauma mentally and physically, and then of course avoid whatever reminds them of the trauma.  These reminders, also called triggers, lead some to turn to alcohol or other substances to escape the feelings. Re-experiencing the symptoms is a sign that the body and mind are actively struggling to cope with the traumatic experience.  This struggling means that healing has not yet occurred.  I can help you – we can begin the healing process and you can recover from trauma.



Are you struggling with an addiction?  Addiction can be physical (drugs or alcohol) and/or pertain to an obsession, compulsion or excessive psychological dependence on something, such as shopping, video game addiction, money, work, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, pornography, plastic surgery addiction and others.

There are many factors that contribute to developing an addiction.  I can help you understand your addiction, emotions and behaviors.  I can help you make significant changes and find the resources you may need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you are ready to work on this, you are on your way to recovering and being free from the damaging effects of your addiction.  You can lead a clean and healthy life, stop keeping secrets from others, feel good about yourself and begin to enjoy your life!!  I know that if you do this work, you’re likely to discover a fulfillment in life that you haven’t known to be possible. 


Pre-marital Counseling

I am a strong believer of going into marriage with a clear view of yourself, your partner and your relationship dynamics. Life will bring plenty for you to deal with as a couple. I can help you be well prepared and keep your relationship healthy and strong. Taking the time to understand one another and communicate about the issues below, will help you to realize and deal with the differences in your expectations, personality traits and family backgrounds.

So, let me help you set yourselves up for success! Be clear about yourselves, each other and your future together. Your wedding day will be more meaningful because you have deepened your connection and truly honored one another as unique individuals.

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